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Scroll down to see a few of our most frequently asked questions⏤and their answers!

Where is the expiration date on the pickles?

There is not an expiration date but there is something called a Julian lot code (or batch code). You should find it printed printed on the lower half of the jar or on the side of the lid. It will be something like this: 16224 F2T NY.  In this example, the '16' means 2016 and the '224' means the 224th day of 2016.  Therefore, this jar was made approximately in late August of 2016. All of our pickles are best consumed within two years of production, so this fictitious jar would be "best by" late August of 2018.

All of our retail jars follow the same coding system so this gives you the tools to figure out any of our jars.  

What happened to Windy City Wasabeans?

I am afraid that we stopped making the Windy City Wasabeans a few years back.  They were yummy but just got a little too expensive to make. Fingers crossed that some day the fates will allow us to make them again!  

Can I order just one  jar of pickles from the website?

Orders from our website must always be exactly six jars since it is the size our shipping boxes are designed to accommodate. We can happily recommend two other online retail partners, however, that might be able to help you out: goldbely.com or juliesbeet.com.  Both of these companies offer smaller orders so hopefully you can find exactly what you are looking for!

Are you pickles fermented?

All of our pickles are made using a method called a "water bath canning" and using vinegar. We make them so the acid levels are such that an unopened jar can safely sit on your shelf and an open jar can stay in your fridge with minimal fermentation.  Truly fermented products are made differently but happy cousins in the world of pickles!

Which grocery stores sell Rick’s Picks?

We’re located in grocery stores and independent retailers nationwide. We’re working on creating a store locator, but in the meantime feel free to email us at info@rickspicks.com to see what’s in your area. You can also buy 6-packs (you choose the varieties) of pickles right here on our website, which is another way to keep up your personal pickle supply.

How can I get my grocery store to sell Rick’s Picks?

Ask a store manager that you’d like to see Rick’s Picks on their shelves!

Can I sell your pickles in my store?

We’d love to have you sell your pickles in our store. Contact info@rickspicks.com and we can supply you with all of the information you need to get going.

Do you sell Rick’s Picks at Farmer’s Markets?

Though Rick’s Picks got started in Farmer’s Markets around NYC, we no longer have an ongoing presence locally as we’ve been focused on wholesale and distributing our pickles nationwide. That said, when a fun event comes up in our area (and sometimes beyond) we try our best to be there to share the Rick’s Picks love.

Still need answers? Email us at info@rickspicks.com and we'll be happy to get back to you promptly!